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Fireside Chat
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1st & 3rd Mon > 7:00pm
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Heart to Heart
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John 15
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Wed 1/10 > 1pm

Zoom Bible Intensive
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Anchor Runners
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Lin Maynard
Creativity & Caregiving
Mon 1/15 > 6:30pm
Kim Gifford
Mon 1/29 > 6:30pm

Writer's Workshop 2023
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Every Mon > 1:00pm
$25 Starts 1/22

Projects in Progress
Mon 1/8 > 11am
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Abba's Diamonds
Fridays > 1pm
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Case Supervision
Closed Zoom Group
Mon 1/23 > 11am

21 Day Prayer+Fast
Starts 1/8
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Women's Bible Study
Experiencing the Spirit
Robert Heidler

5 Tammie Ann Dr
East Hampton, CT
Contact Lynn
2nd & 4th Fri > noon

Made Complete in Christ
1 on 1 or Group Discipleship
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Women's Bible Study
Zoom ID 6039038648
Pwd Freedom
Open discussion group
Contact Cindy Wallace
Every Monday > 8am

Helping Hands Outreach
Norwalk, CT
Making lunch Saturdays,
Outreach every Sunday AM

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Men's Bible Study
Saturdays at 9am
Outside Galley restaurant
Norwalk Cove Marina
All men welcome!
Contact Wayne 475-422-1468

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Join Kainos for 21 days of Prayer and Fasting. We are praying for Kainos Life Ministries, our personal journeys with Christ and our spheres of influence within the Body of Christ within your region and your nation. This journey starts 1/8/2024, ends 1/28/2023 using bi-lingual material from Foursquare Church. This year we will be "Praying the Word." Each day you will be encouraged as you pray through Scripture and are guided through times of prayer and reflection. For those who choose to fast over the next three weeks, you may abstain as it seems good to you and the Lord. Pray about it. Perhaps you are being called to give up a specific food, some sort of technology or another habit. We know the Lord will bless your fasting practice, and we pray you are blessed during this time of sacrifice. Ask the Lord what you will be fasting from and how that looks. Some may choose a Daniel fast, others my fast from TV or shopping while others may fast a meal a day. Whatever it looks like, be sure to make time to sit, pray and listen to the Holy Spirit as you take time meditating on the scriptures and a provided devotional.

The PDF prayer guide is available in English and Spanish.

Please register if you want to participate in the 21 day fast. We will conclude the fasting by gathering afterwards to reflect and share what the Lord spoke to each of us (day/time is TBD).

If you lead a small or large group or work one on one with individuals you may want to consider joining the Case Supervision group that presently meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at 9:30am for an hour via zoom. Natalie facilitates. Natalie takes 15 minutes to teach concepts relevant to working with people. The rest of the hour allows those attending to interact over how to handle difficult people situations. This is a supportive setting for those leading others. If that time frame doesn't work for you ask Natalie to meet at a different time and perhaps a second group will be made available for those who can't attend the 9:30am EST setting. Check us out by first reaching out to Natalie to be sure it's the right group for you! Email nataliemesser1@gmail.com or text 860-807-6445.

This year in 2024, we will continue to create community through regional events, and encourage the innovative development of leaders as we find creative ways to integrate the Kingdom of God into our everyday lives. The family, which often includes three generations, has a wealth of experience and energy to draw upon as we watch the Holy Spirit breathe life back into each of our households. When our breakthroughs come, we are often filled with the ability to dream and move forward towards the destinies assigned to each of us. Our prayer is that the core of the five-fold as well as every member of the Body will be rejuvenated as we walk through the door of 2024.

Disappointments, longings, delays, and half-starts will no longer hold us back. A push of the glory and what the Lord is about to do in this next era is about to be embarked upon. Hold on! Keep your eyes on the Lord and be ready for a ride that will be like no other. Our prayer is that the creative ability of God will move like never before, and each one of us has a part to play.

Through collaboration, your voice, authenticity, integrity, and gifts will ignite new solutions to bring kingdom transformation to our areas of influence as well as transforming how we do church. Be ready to see God move in 2024 as we walk through His door into the new year!

By Natalie Messerschmidt


"I have told you these things to keep you from stumbling." Jn 16:1
In John 15, does Jesus tell the disciples that non-Christians will hate both them and Him? Does He prophesy that we better be on guard because the whole world has an agenda to persecute us and throw us out of synagogues? Scripture reveals that the average person, Jew, and Gentile alike, did not actually hate Jesus or the disciples. They flocked to Jesus to hear His teachings and be healed, and the early church saw thousands coming to Christ when they saw the love of God in action through signs, healings, and miracles. Then why would He say, "if the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first?" (John 15:18) What world is Jesus talking about?
If we misunderstand the context of Jesus's ministry and teachings, we might expect the world to hate us and be quick to distinguish between "us and them" projecting a hatred upon those made in God's image. This is a mindset that the Church has too often chosen to believe and propagate. Jesus, who "so loved the world" that He died for all of them, does not want distance between us and those that He died for, so let's look at what the scripture says because there is more to be seen here that if we're blind to will seriously hinder our witness and become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sometimes I wonder if it isn't the world who is blinded but His church.
There are three different Greek words translated "world". Join me for Immersion on Facebook and Youtube January 10 1pm for a deeper explanation of each with examples.
Oukemene is used to represent the "inhabited earth" such as in Luke 2:1 where "a census should be taken of the entire Roman oukemene" or Matthew 24:14 where the gospel "will be preached to the whole oukemene as a testimony to all the tribes (Greek ethnos)." It does not mean the entire planet, just a group of people related by time and geography.
Aion is used for a period of time similar to how we have designated certain periods such as "bronze age" or "iron age". Any time you see "end of the world" used in scripture (primarily in King James) it is the "end of the age". You can compare other translations to see this. It can drastically change the understanding of a passage to realize the end of the world does not mean the end of planet earth.
Kosmos refers to the governing order of things whether the systems of man or the systems of nature. This too can lead to confusion if you're not aware of that distinction, and it is used in John 15:18-16:4 as the kosmos that hates the disciples. Does it refer to people? Yes, people are included in the systems of men, but it is the system that is the focus and not the people. Virtually every verse in this passage breaks down why and how the disciples will be hated by the kosmos.
John almost always uses the word kosmos to refer to the temple and its dominance over the Jewish culture. The kosmos is a system that influences the people under it. I'll call this the System, and it was all the Jews knew while they waited for Messiah to release them from the toil. There can be a spirit behind that influence. "God of this age" in 2 Cor 4:4 and "the prince of this world" Jn 12:31 I believe refers to the spirit behind the System. But if we notice that crowds admired Jesus while the System opposed and sought to kill him, we can see the difference. Even those in the System like Nicodemus could see Jesus clearly, but the System is the world that Jesus engaged, rebuked, called a brood of vipers, and so on.
Here is a summary of this passage. Jesus has been telling them that dying to self is the way to find true life. God chose Israel out of all nations to reveal the goodness of Yahweh to those nations (Gentiles). When their righteousness became about their actions rather than their identity as sons of God, the spiritual leaders exalted themselves over others and subjugated the flock to do the same. Jesus chose a few to reboot this system and reflect the Father as Jesus had (John 15:16, 19). A disciple does not get to choose a rabbi, the rabbi chooses his disciples because he sees potential in them (Jn 15:16). Jesus grafts the disciples into the storyline as God's people chosen to reveal His goodness. He models what it looks like through signs, wonders, and miracles. But just as Jesus was hated by the leaders of the System, so the disciples would be hated (v18). If they had remained in the System, the System would not have rejected them (v19). They persecuted Jesus and rejected all He came to say (v20). They had the righteousness down but were missing the Father's heart (v20-21 echoes 8:31-59). Because they knew better, He declared them guilty (v22, 16:8 echoing John 9). He equates His ministry with the miraculous deliverance from Egypt that they should have learned from (v23 & John 5). He performed the signs, but the signs were rejected (Nick recognized it 3:2, but the leaders did not 5:36, and see Lk 10:13). Then Jesus brings a remez of Psalm 35:19 and Psalm 69:4 where God's anointed one calls on the Lord's vengeance against those who seek to destroy Him. He tells them all this so they won't entertain offenses in their heart. They cannot represent the Father when carrying offense (Verses 2-4 seal the speech).
Jesus came to show the System that repentance means eliminating the "us vs. them" mindset and accurately portraying the Father to others. How ironic that we misunderstand Jesus's own words and reinforce the very dividing wall of hostility that He died to remove, a hostility between Jew and Gentile, between "us" and "them". Representing Christ to our age means representing the heart of the Father just as Christ demanded. Perhaps it is not the hatred of the world, but our own faulty mindsets based on generations of misrepresented scholarship that cause them to reject the Father. Isn't it a self-fulfilling prophecy to have them hate us because we think they hate us?

By Kevin Messerschmidt

In the Beginning was the Word...
Do you have an idea for a book, but don't know where to start? Are there words over you that you will write, but you've never even picked up a pen? God cares about our stories a lot, and I believe he wants us to write them down. Come join this six-week workshop for prompts, activation, community, and encouragement. We will put pen to the page and share our questions and writing while receiving ideas on where to start and how to keep going. It's time for your story to be heard (all genres welcome), so let's begin.

Mondays, 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.
Jan. 22, Jan. 29, Feb. 5, Feb. 12, Feb. 19, Feb. 26
$25 Register here

Kim J. Gifford is a freelance writer and writing teacher who recently graduated from Global School of Supernatural Ministry. She is ordained through the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening and holds a Master's in Creative Writing and Religion and has been teaching writing for over 25 years. Her ministry, 17:20 Ministries (based on John 17:20) focuses on equipping Christians to share their stories in writing.

Blessings as we move into the new year of 2024! Kainos Life Ministries continues to equip and connect for Kingdom transformation. We continue to encourage healthy leaders, equip healthy teams and expand healthy ministries. The team here at Kainos is characterized by honor, integrity, unity, collaboration, maturity, and wholeness. We are continuously in process not only in character development but also with steady, healthy growth, lasting fruit and greater Kingdom impact. We continue to desire to see multi-cultural communities in areas of discipleship, leadership, and teaching. Our purposeful collaboration of international exposure and influence continues to grow!
Please consider partnering with Kainos Life Ministries as she walks out her mission: apostolic relationship supporting leaders in their calling and equipping the equippers for Kingdom impact.
The mission is meant to bring about the vision: healthy diverse apostolic teams partnering with mutual honor and submission in a passionate, purposeful pursuit of Kingdom transformation.
Join us as we offer a culturally healthy alternative invitation to that which contrasts with the old wineskin of the past bridled with pride, offense and unhealthy operating systems that jeopardize character and well-being of the ekklesia. Join us at Kainos as we link arms together to make a healthier distinction within the body of Christ to impact our areas of influence! Thank you to those who already partner with us and those yet to partner with us as we head into 2024 and beyond!


Kainos Prayer Chain: Steve and Angela Tuers are running our prayer chain. If you have a prayer need and want to place it on the prayer chain, please send an email to KLMprayerchain@gmail.com with the subject line: KAINOS PRAYER CHAIN. Please follow up on your requests with praises or updates so the team knows when it's been fully answered!

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